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This is my freshly rebuilt Kohler 5e 5 kw 41amp 60hz gas powered 2 cylinder small This is my freshly rebuilt Kohler 5e 5 kw 41amp 60hz gas powered 2 cylinder small footprint closed loop cooling system generator genset. Bought it for a boat 0:39 4 hp Lister Diesel Engine … View Video

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Scavenge mode has you collecting gas cans scattered around the map to try and fuel a generator. In Hard Rain you have to walk a couple of miles inland from the river to collect diesel for a boat, The gameplay has also been greatly enhanced thanks to a few small changes. … Read Article

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Steel trawler, cape hatteras, detroit diesel: Going around Cape Hatteras is dangerous. Any heating system designed to run off the engine or generator in freezing weather will not work because the engines must be winterized! small outboard engine, keel boat: … Read Article

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Carrying commercial cargo on a boat with a yacht ensign is deemed to be Many classes of small racing dinghies can only be built in wood to (5 hp) and 30 kilowatts (40 hp). Larger vessels have in-board diesel engines of between 15 kilowatts (20 hp) and 75 kilowatts (101 … Read Article

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However, diesel engine fuel systems are far more susceptible to air locks in their fuel lines, because standard diesel fuel injection pumps rely on the fuel being non-compressible. Air locks are caused by air leaking into the fuel delivery line or entering from the tank. … Read Article

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Many small 'toy' Stirling engines, particularly low-temperature difference the generator holds the working piston in the limit position which brings the engine working cycle close to an ideal Stirling cycle. Diesel; Expander; Gas-generator; Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition; Lenoir … Read Article

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It's not very much because there are only a few windings in the primary, but it's enough to jump a small air-gap, such as the one between the just-opening points in the distributor. That tiny spark is enough to erode metal away from the points and you'll 'burn' the points. … Read Article